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Free daliy resetvation ordering system based on published google calendar

Integrated with your gmail google calendar. Ideal for all day events such as accomodation or daily renting. Stable, but still beta version of free daily ordering system.


How to use it

  1. In Google calendar click on "My Calendars" down arow and choose "Create new calendar"
  2. Name the calendar so you can easily identify it later
  3. Choose your country and your local time zone
  4. Set this calendar as public. Ensure to check "Show only free busy status/hide my details!"
  5. Once you save the calendar, it will appear in the list of your calendars
  6. Click on donw arow of newly created calendar and choose "Calendar settings"
  7. Note down your Calendar ID
  8. Log in to this free Daliy Resetvation Ordering System and add your calendar(s)
  9. Copy <iframe> to your page and enjoy
  10. Once someone submit your calendar reservation, you will receive email with summary information and direct confirmation link to your calendar


Author: Lukas Kisza ( -

Special thanks to: and Google

Download sources and participate at:

Bugs and things to do:

Terms and conditions of usage

Service is provided as is without any waranty. Service is for free. We are not collecting any information from submitted forms. App is hosted on free google app engine, so please consider to host it on your own in case you expect more than 10 bookings/day. (free limit is 100 emails/day)